Time passes

September 19, 2012

I sure have been lax on blogging this year. I think there has been so much to process that I couldn’t find any more energy.

On September 11, I got the call that my mother-in-law had passed away. She had been in the hospital the previous Monday through Friday when she was released to go back to the Pines. The next day, home health called me saying her eyes were glazed and she was unresponsive and they were wondering what to do. We decided she should be sent back to the hospital. They decided maybe she could have some morphine and then they shipped her back. Monday I got a call saying she was now eligible for hospice so Jim and I went in to set that up. We have some hard feelings about how long it took them to get her into hospice but that is another story.

Her funeral was Saturday in Osmond, NE. It was a beautiful day and people seemed to be having a good time remembering. By that night though, I felt like my exhaustion had caught up with me. We drove home the next day and are now trying to get our life back together again.

I have worked two days so far, subbing. I work part of the day Friday and then again on Monday. It hardly seems worth the effort.

Here are the pictures I promised of what I have been working on,


This painting is based on a picture the instructor had of a boat on Lake Michigan.

This next watercolor I can most relate to as I saw a lot of farmland with snow on it growing up in Wisconsin.

The pillow is a class I took this late summer. I learned a lot of different

techniques doing this. So you can see I did do some interesting this summer. I now need to get the energy to get going again.

What should I do now?

August 12, 2012

School starts in three days. This is the first time in over 5 years that I didn’t have a position to go to. I was accepted to sub in the local district but that isn’t the same and it will not be easy or very lucrative 😦  This uncertainty has me on edge.

What an opportunity

August 12, 2012


My mother turned 75 on the 9th. In honor of this, she, my niece and I went to Sturgeon Bay to take a watercolor class.The teacher, Connie Glowacki, was delightful and I can’t recommend her enough. She is a wonderful painter and very encouraging. If you ever have a chance, you should check out her work. My mother worked on a barn in winter.

My niece Trista is new to painting but I think she did a good job. Image

My work isn’t finished but I hope to post it soon.

This year we got a vacation

July 28, 2012

It was two years since our last vacation. That meant I hadn’t seen my mother and siblings in that long. The situation with work and moving my mother-in-law down here kept getting in the way so it was nice to have a chance to get away.

Our first getaway was to Branson. This was a first for us. Jim’s uncle let us use his timeshare for a week. I couldn’t imagine being in a place for that long without it being at a relatives but we managed to do it.  We went to craft malls, several shows and tried out different restaurants.

Our second trip was to Wisconsin to see my family by way of Minnesota. We spent about two weeks there. We went to an Amish store and bought bulk foods  and visited with a rug weaver. It got me feeling like getting my loom going. We brought my mother back here and she spent almost two weeks here. I tried finding things for her to do. I took her rughooking with me one day and took her to a sewing class to learn how to make a coiled basket. She started a quilt top and seemed to have a good time.

About a week ago, we all piled in the van to go to a wedding in Omaha. The next day it was back in the van for Wisconsin to take her back home. It is a long trip so we tried to find interesting stops to break up the trip.

We finally got home on Thursday. It was an all day trip with stops in Mineral Point and Madison. I need to find an inexpensive way to break up this trip as doing the trip in just one day takes a big toll. I think we covered 7 states in our travels so far this summer which seems like more than enough. 🙂

 Lewis and Clark Visitor Center in Nebraska City, NE

The basket Mom sewed in the class we took.

The wild flower prairie at Mom’s.

I need a plan for fall

July 28, 2012

At this point, I have had no responses to the job applications I submitted for jobs. I feel a little remorse for not staying at the last place but emphasis is on the “little”. I do need to do something though to keep myself employable and to generate some income. I imagine I will sub locally but I can’t take a steady diet of that so need to work out what I can do creatively.

1. I have a chip carved plate to finish.

2. I have to finish a hooked rug pattern of Christmas star.

3. I have a small mat to finish of the manger.

4. I have Christmas quilt to finish.

5. I have a carved Jesus to finish.

6. I want to paint the portrait of Heather and Scott I have sketched out.

7. I have some baby blankets to finish.

8. I want to sew some baby bibs.

9. I need to finish the Christmas dish towels I have started.

10. I have a sheep mat to finish up.

11. I want to weave off the warp I have on the big loom.

12. I have a hummingbird to finish carving.

13. I have a watercolor class scheduled for the fall.

14. I have a bunny rug to bind.

15. I have to learn to use my circular sock machine.

I have many projects started that need finishing. Now if I can find the balance and energy to get them done.

Vacation, continued.

June 20, 2012

Upon our arrival in Branson, we checked into the timeshare Jim’s uncle set up for us. It was a beautiful place. It was hard sitting through the sales presentation the next day, but once that was over, the week was ours to enjoy.


Tuesday night was a performance by the Oak Ridge Boys. What a fine performance that was. For some reason, we had 4th row seats so we had a good view of it all.


Wednesday afternoon, we went to the Sights and Sounds Theater and saw a performance of Joseph. The theater was beautiful and the performance included animals and children. It was a very meaningful presentation.


Thursday afternoon, we went to see Jim Stafford. At 68, he still is funny and a skilled musician. He had his teenage son and daughter who also performed masterfully on the piano. All in all, we saw some great shows.


I bought a hammered dulcimer from a craftsman at the Branson Mill. He gave me a deal as the top plate had warped some. The tone is beautiful though and he said he would replace it if it became less stable.

Jim ended up buying a used lathe from the same guy. For the last two years, he has been wanting to learn how to make turned pens. Now we just need to find the person who can give him instructions on that.

During the rest of vacation, we drove around and saw where the tornado had devastated the town on Feb. 29th of this year, went to the Butterfly Palace, did some shopping and just tried to enjoy ourselves. We are now back home and life’s problems were there to greet us but hopefully we can handle them better after the break.

A much needed vacation

June 19, 2012

Precious Moments Chapel

Recently, my husband’s uncle offered us the use of his timeshare so we took him up on it and just got back from a week in Branson. I can’t remember a time when we ever took a vacation that didn’t involve going to a relative’s to visit them so this was something different for us.

On the way down, we stopped in Carthage, MO to see the Precious Moment’s Chapel. It is amazing. I got so involved in looking at the art work that I lost track of what it was supposed to represent. If you ever get a chance, you should go. I thought they were so sweet looking.

I am trying to get back on my feet again

May 29, 2012

I spent the first few days off just sleeping. It doesn’t seem like one should have to sleep that much. I only had one nap today though.

I signed up for a class at the Fabric Corner to learn how to machine quilt. They are bringing in a presenter so I should have a major challenge coming next week.

I have been doing Pinterest lately. My daughter got me interested in it. On the days I feel especially tired, I pin pictures to refer back to later. I am also hoping that the people who pinned them gain some benefit from this. For the artists who sell their work, maybe they will get a new patron. I have learned many new things by studying it. I have tried two new recipes and have lined up some new projects to make down the road.

I spent this morning scanning some of my mother-in-law’s pictures. I uploaded them to Facebook so her other sons can see them. My next step is to upload them to a site to make a book that includes the names and some of their stories. It is amazing how much time this is taking though.

The challenge I gave my family and friends was to do 1 new thing each week and to try to spend 15 minutes per day doing something that makes you happy. So far I have done the 1 new thing and spent 2-3 days doing the 15 minute projects. It is slow progress but progress none the less.

Hello, it is me again.

May 22, 2012

School is now done for the year. At this point, I am not sure when I will go back. I turned in my resignation yesterday. It has been a perfect storm of issues at school and health issues with my mother-in-law and I don’t have any more to give at the moment. Two weeks ago, I stepped out of a hall only to have a running student hit me and I ended up on the floor. I don’t think she did it intentionally but my head still ended up hitting the floor. I remember lying there and thinking there had to be something better for me somewhere…………….



Happy 2012!

January 1, 2012

It has been a long time since I have posted. It has been a hard year with learning my new job, dealing with my mother-in-law’s health issues and all the overall craziness this year has brought. I talked about the fork in the road and wondering what my next step would be. I think, that my decision will be to leave this job at the end of the school year. I suppose I could end up changing my mind but I think this job has not felt like a good fit for me. I don’t like the feeling of quitting something but I also don’t like the continual feeling of trying to do the job well and feeling that there is no way to do it. So………..

My resolution for this year is to make a new path. It may involve working for someone but maybe not. When I have a chance to rest up, my creative ideas start to flow again. I imagine making a mold to cast glass ornaments. I imagine working on a children’s book. I have started a new rughooked wall hanging and several projects in mind for the year. I want time and a chance to explore these ideas. I hope I can figure out how this will work.

Another resolution will need to be stop clenching. I got two crowns just before Thanksgiving because I had cracked two teeth. Tonight my jaw aches and I am wondering if I will need more work on those teeth. 😦

Like everyone else, another resolution for this year is to be more organized. We ordered two bookshelves and a tv stand that should be here in 10 weeks. It was a once-in-a-lifetime buy but hopefully it will help us get thing in a place where we can find them 🙂

Happy New Year!