101 in a 1001 Days

Countdown To 1001 days

I am a member of a Ravelry group called 101 in a 1001 days.  You plan challenges and projects to do in 1001 days so I signed up. Here is my list (in no specific order).

I will mark the finished ones with a line through it

1. start a blog

2. finish a dishcloth

3. go to Estes Park July 2008

4. spin my blue/green roving

5. spin my orange wool

6. spin the rainbow colored roving

7. spin the blue/purple roving

8. spin the “sugary” red roving

9. learn to use the country Spinner to make novelty yarn

10. Make a blog for school

11. Warp my table loom

12. Weave dishtowels for Christmas

13. Make tote bags for the paras for Christmas

14. Make soap for Christmas

15. balance my checkbook

16. learn to use an mp3 player- ordered an Ipod so I could transfer all the podcasts I have stored up

17. sew a quilt top

18. knit a sweater for me

19. learn to use the sock knitting machine- I knit several scarves on it this last summer 2009.

20. weed the flower garden-guess I will have to save that until spring now 🙂

21. plant tomatoes

22. plant lily of the valley around the tree- Spring 2010-  think they didn’t make it though

23. organize pantry-did that once but it got messed up again

24. paint living room-June 2010

25. paint bath- June 2010

26. put tile in kitchen started 7/25/2008

27. organize my bedroom- July 2010

28. paint a butterfly for a studentdelegated this out to some students

29. paint a picture for Jody

30. knit socks for Jim

31. finish spinning red yarn

32. make roving for Jody

33. make a Paint Shop Presentation

34. take a pyschology class- I finished the last test 6/11/2008

35. sort knitknacks

36. make strawberry jam- I made raspberry jam this year

37. organize bookshelves- June 2010

38. write letter to friend

39. finish the pumpkin rug

40. finish the halloween rug

41. finish the sheep rug

42. finish the jumping cat rug

43. finish wool rug

44. finish Minnesota rug

45. learn excel

46. make a slideshow on Powerpoint

47. get a mammogram July 2008

48. have hand surgery

49. write a children’s book

50. hook my kiln up

51. make weaving sticks did this and the kids loved them

52. get a motel room for Indiana

53. paint kitchen

54. set up loom in laundry room-it is now set up in the newly converted attached garage

55. vaccuum car- Jim did this but it needs this again

56. write about Bonny Thayer

57. sort clothes

58. organize laundry room

59. knit the yarn I dyed

60. learn about art therapy

61. organize the old garage– it is now a family room

62. make a youtube video

63. put pictures in album

64. rearrange bedroom-July 2010

65. paint a flower painting

66. organize maps

67. learn garage band

68. figure out welcome for new teacher

69. make glass beads

70. organize cupboards- did this but they got messed up again

71. start Roth IRA

72. knit blanket for Sarah Petersen

73. learn to make postcards

74. learn to make mailing labels

75. make glass house numbers

76. lose 10 pounds

77. walk 3 times a week

78. do yoga two times a week- did this for a while but taking ed. classes got in the way

Argh. part of my list disappeared

79. read the Bible regularly

80. repair office bookcase

81. learn to applique by hand

82. get a bike and ride

83. organize the office closet

84. set up studio in laundry room

85. make decision about 401Ks

86. contact Emporia to find out about classes in art therapy

87. find glasses or order extra pair

88. get new sandals

89. schedule yearly exam

90. sort clothes and donate

91. prepare extra meals to put in freezer-every time I do this, I forget it is there

92. make silk scarf for pastor’s wife with cancer

93. treat leather couch

94. weave a rug

95. paint a painting of flowers

96. hang my paintings on wall

97. learn to make an avatar

98. learn to carve something- started this in December; went to Baldwin City to a four day carving out

99. finish Tiffany lamp

100. clean kitchen carpet tore it out instead 🙂

101. make an audio book

2 Responses to “101 in a 1001 Days”

  1. Jody Says:

    A painting for me! Do that one next, please….
    Your list is very interesting. I like the technology goals especially. Will you take a photograph to show each accomplishment? Good thing you didn’t select a Joy of S@x (NOT socks) goal – photos would get you arrested (or add to your blog readership!). Maybe by this weekend I will have my goals posted, especially if it rains; that’s a perfect indoors project.

  2. Jody Says:

    I hope to get my list on my blog this weekend. (I always hold out such hope for the weekends!).

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