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You learn something new everyday

July 31, 2008

Today and tomorrow I am in Topeka taking a class from the Kansas Council on Economic Education. So far the speakers have been very interesting. I hope I can use some of the information with my students this fall. I think we can all benefit on learning to save more.

Yesterday I was sorting and trying to organize my supplies. I ended up getting some more storage boxes so I can finish the office area. I tried to sort them by category but some things seem to not fit into any category. 

I had better go to school soon and organize my classroom. I am not sure how many students to expect yet so I may end up rearranging things anyway. Oh the apprehension of an upcoming event.

Covered in glue but 75 square feet done

July 28, 2008

I made real progress on tiling today. The bulk of the whole tiles are down. I left the perimeter so we could walk around the kitchen in the morning. Tomorrow I will try to finish the whole tiles and start cutting some of the pieces. I don’t think we figured it out right but it still should look better than  before (I hope).

This is my last full week at home. Next week I see the hand surgeon, go to the co-op for a meeting and the go to work on that Friday. It is too early for this.

Summer is back home but he has an infection so it is more medicine for him. He was a bad patient, I heard. I guess he wouldn’t eat while he was at the vet’s.

I picked out paint for the kitchen. It is called Butter Yellow. It should brighten up the room. Unfortunately, I have to paint the ceiling first.

Picture from camp

July 27, 2008


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Estes Park, Colorado

I ran out of mortar

July 26, 2008

I decided that I had enough of the ugly carpet in the kitchen so today I went to Home Depot and bought ceramic tile. Jim and I tore out the carpeting and now I am tiling. Unfortunately, I ran out of mortar so I am stopped for now. I think it is going a little askew but it is going to look so much better that I guess I won’t worry about it.

This is not a great pictue. The tiles are a beige color. I was looking for something a little more yellow but this was such a deal. Unfortunately, now I will have to paint the kitchen before I move stuff back in. Good thing I have all summer to get that done………… 

After this room, I guess our bedroom should be next. I will have to move things into the office so there is room to work in there. Not sure when that will start as I have two classes to take this fall.

How many days can it be in the 90s or 100s without us whining?

July 26, 2008

Jim has been ready for winter for weeks  now. I just got a letter saying to report to school on the 8th. Somehow or other, if it is this hot, school should not be starting. The thought of the heat and all those students crammed into the classrooms just isn’t that exciting.

I am scheduled for a doctor’s appointment on the 2nd. I need to make arrangements for the trigger finger surgery as it is getting more painful. I imagine by the time they get it set up though, school will have started.

I am tearing apart the house. I have decided to tile the kitchen. I will spare you pictures of that. Tomorrow I tear up the carpet and get the tile. Hopefully my hand doesn’t lock up during that.

This is the pattern for Matthew’s quilt but the color is wrong. It is really blues.

  Summer decided he would test it out to see if was soft enough 🙂

Loopers on the way

July 23, 2008

I found a source for loopers this summer in my travels. A person joins them together and then weaves them into rugs and mats. I wanted some for myself and some to use with my students this next year so I am so happy they got back to me today. 

Mom is headed home on the train today. I think I have the majority of her boxes shipped out but I think I found several things that still need to be boxed up. It is her first trip on the train. She gets off in Chicago and then will pick up another train to go to Milwaukee where my brother-in-law will pick her up. She said the visit was about 3 weeks but it didn’t seem that long.

It is hot here. Another day in the 90s for us. It looks like that will be the pattern for us for a while.

It was 100 yesterday and almost that high today

July 22, 2008

We came back to the heat of summer. In Wisconsin today, it was 72 and the humidity was down.

On vacation we looked for fields of sunflowers. In both Colorado and Kansas, all we saw were sunflowers along the road. Where did we finally find them? On the way to Holton.







Last night we met Heather and her friends Hannah and Scott for supper at Paisanos.








Today we went up to Quilting on the Square in Holton to look for some fabric to finish up some projects.

Mom is having too much fun!

July 17, 2008


She is up in the craft center dyeing a silk scarf, making a basket and tie dyeing a shirt. Earlier we were making postcards with colored pencil. Now she wants to skip cowboy Brad so she can paint more silk.

I, on the other hand, am crashing as I looked at the wrong food and am having stabbing stomach pains  😦

At the visitor center at Estes Park.

At the visitor center at Estes Park.

Glass balls at the Glassblower's

Glass balls at the Glassblower's

More beautiful glass.

More beautiful glass. Mom painting a mountain.

Mom painting a mountain

Mom painting a mountain

Another day at the Y

July 17, 2008
Relaxing in Estes Park

Relaxing in Estes Park

Here’s Mom sitting outside enjoying a cool evening. Today was busy.  She and I did plein air painting this morning and part of the afternoon. Then it was up to the craft shop with Heather to start baskets. Tomorrow we take a silk painting class in the morning and Mom and I are taking a colored pencil drawing class in the afternoon.
One member of the church group managed to twist an ankle. We are avoiding any activity that might interfere with our art.  🙂


July 16, 2008