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It is finally cooling down

September 30, 2008

Today the weather shifted and we got cooler. The next few days are supposed to range from the 40s to the 70s. The allergens are still high so now if it would just freeze long enough to kill them, we would be all set.

Jim is out in Colorado this week. He had some vacation time left and is visiting his brother. He may be home any day.

On Friday and Saturday, I am going to Lawrence for the Kansas art educator’s conference. It sounds like fun. I hope to have some good pictures soon.

Gas is  around $3.29 here. I am glad we don’t live in the southeast. 

Check out Tux Paint. It is a really cool drawing programs that kids will love.

Kansas Sunflowers

September 15, 2008

  This is one of the beautiful things about Kansas. They looked better before it rained over 5 inches this last few days. It is supposed to be wonderful weather for a while now. 

September is flying away.

September 14, 2008

I am always amazed how some months just fly by. Here September is half over with. I’ve been back to school for a month now. I am still plugging away on the classes I am taking at Washburn. (No I didn’t take my students’ advice and drop out.) 🙂  

Last Friday I went to a meeting about transition for students. It is amazing how much I have to try to remember. Right now I liken my life to a juggler, trying to keep all the balls in the air or at least picking them up quickly and get them revolving again.

There has been no weaving, knitting or rug hooking lately. Hopefully next semester there will be more time freed up for some of this.

Work, work, work

September 6, 2008

It has been a while since I have written. School is running full speed ahead and I am taking 9 graduate hours besides………

I posed the following dilemma to my students today. Between 9/8 and the 15th, I have 5 papers due. One is 2-3 pages long and is due Monday. One is 2-3 pages long and is due a week from Monday. Three papers are 10-15 pages long and due this Monday. Question: Should I do something fun on Saturday (go rughooking)? Several thought I should drop out. Some thought I should go have fun. What I wanted them to think about is that I knew about this assignment for several weeks and I had already started it. Actually 2 of the longer papers are 3/4 done and the shorter papers are finished. Being kids though, they were all for waiting until the last minute.

It has been in the seventies for the last few days. It is nice to have the windows open again.