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Start to another week

March 9, 2009

It is that time of year when we loose an hour of sleep. That is not what I need now but what can you do. Hopefully this week will not be as crazy as last week. I had 5 IEPs scheduled and the 7th and 8th graders had the state reading tests. The last two sets of parents never showed up so now I will have to reschedule. The 86 degree day we had last week brought out the worst in some of the kids with one of my students out of school for a few days for fighting. We all need spring break but that doesn’t start until Friday.

I am getting quite a stockpile of dyed wool roving ordered for spinning later this spring. This week 8 oz. came from Australia that isĀ  intense rainbow colors. I am doing this instead of going to Yarn School this year.

I saw 6 robins this last week. Some of my miniature iris are in bloom as well as some of the crocuses. I thought they might freeze one day but they look ok so far.

We are emptying the attached garage and part of the laundry room as we are having a contractor do some work on the house. It is a nerve-racking time to be doing it, not knowing where the economy is going but it will be nice to have some more living space, especially before Heather’s wedding in August.

No pictures right now. I need to get back to that again as it definitely makes this more interesting.
I got the taxes started and need to finish that soon. Talk to you later.