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August 24, 2009

After church this morning, I decided it would be a good time to go over to the rose garden in Gage Park. It had probably been two years since I had gone but it was a beautiful day to go. There was enough of a cool breeze to keep the sun’s heat from seeming oppressive. I brought my new camera along to take pictures of the roses so I could paint them or at least document them for when I need color ideas on a rug. Although the camera is a Nikon, many of the picturres were unsatisfactory. I had better luck with my 3 megapixel Olympus than I am having with this 10 megapixel one. To top it off, it takes a different cord to load it into the computer that has apparently been buried somewhere with the stuff we had out during the wedding. I know it is probably mostly 😦  operator error but I think the other camera was more forgiving.

Lightning storm tonight

August 17, 2009

The dryer has decided it should squeak when it runs now. I wonder what that is about. Between that and the rumbling of thunder and the lightning show, I am not sure I will get to sleep any time soon.

I din’t leave lesson plans on Friday. I am pondering how to reach some of the boys I work with. The class I am taking on Wednesday is going to start none too soon. To be in 6th and 7th grades and barely be able to read  is hard to imagine and harder still to figure out how to beat that.  God help me here.


August 17, 2009

The KAW Valley Woodcarvers met today at the Community Center for a carve-out today. I didn’t make it until after two though. After church and dropping pictures off to Heather, I came home and took a nap. The pain between my shoulder blades that runs up to my neck is taking the enjoyment out of today. I’m not sure what I am doing to bring this on but I wish I could figure it out so I could make it stop.

Tomorrow morning is another meeting at 7:30. I think I have the paperwork ready for it. I talked so someone today who thought that is what burns most special ed teacher out. They may be right. It is stressful trying to make sure everything is done correctly.

The end of the first week of school

August 16, 2009

If I still lived in Iowa, school wouldn’t have started yet. I started on Monday and the kids started Thursday.  I suppose it has to start again so we remember to appreciate the time off we do get.

Last night I signed up for a class that starts this week. It is about teaching reading to struggling students. I have one student in particular I hope to find some strategies that will work for him. He is in the 6th grade and is so far behind.

Another goal of mine this year is to spend time with a student of mine that can’t speak. I need to find some other ways of communicating with him and he with me so I know better how to help him. I will have to call around next week and see who I can get to come down to help with that.

I went rug hooking today. It got cloudy and sprinkly so I left early. I wanted to go see Heather for a bit anyway. The hooking was enjoyable for the most part until it became political. I tried suggesting a possible point of view that differed from the speaker but she was having none of that so it just seemed best to drop it and leave. There is just seems to me that there is too much propaganda being disseminated into the public arena whose only intention is to scare people and keep the status-quo for the big businesses/industries who don’t want to loose their wealth.

After church tomorrow, I might go to the carve-out at the community center. Jim sounds like he would be excited to go. I haven’t worked on that since going to the seminar in Baldwin City.

Heather gave me some more pictures today so I will have to put them up soon. For now, I guess I will take a nap.

First day back at work

August 11, 2009

Today was the first work day back. It started with a prayer breakfast, a required trip to the next town for meetings ten back to school for more meetings. It was after 3:30 before I got to do anything with my room. I got the boards in the hall decorated and some boxes emptied but that was it.

Four special ed students are new this year. We are still waiting on paperwork for them. I need to make some calls to parents around IEP changes but that didn’t happen today either.

I think I have the beginning of the year blahs or it is just exhaustion from the summer. While I was working hard to get things under some kind of control, I kept thinking about whether I should stay in this profession or more actively search for an art job or something else. I am giving this year a chance but I am not sure what my answer will be at the end of the year. I can deal with the students and most of the paperwork ok but the staff, changes, and trying to make sure I haven’t made mistakes on the paperwork gets very disheartening to me.

The end of summer

August 10, 2009

It has been a summer that has sped by too quickly for me this year. I imagine I feel that way every year but this year has been particularly eventful. It began before school was out. Our daughter was getting married and Jim was retiring so, we decided to have work done on the house. It started out with a plan for a half bath and converting the attached garage into a family room. It ended with: a whole bath, flooring the landing and bath with tile, vinyling the new room and laundry room, replacing windows in the laundry room, reflooring the deck, a new table, two new chairs and residing the house. I have to commend D.J. Construction as they finished when they said they would and they worked efficiently. The part of the house that was worked on looked great. Now if the rest of the house looked that good. It was all I could do to not rip out the carpet and putting down hardwood floors. Fortunately for me, I stopped myself in time.

Then there was the online class I took in June for this special ed. degree. Every place I went I hauled the laptop, hoping for service so I could take a test or write on some project. This laptop followed me to Baldwin City for the woodcarver’s seminar and to Springfield, Ill for the circular sock knitter’s crank-in. (I did get an A for that effort, 🙂

We were in Wisconsin for over a week visiting family after the crank-in. It always goes too quickly and the travel is always hard for me. I can usually plan on a headache or feeling exhausted for a day or two somewhere along the way. It is great to see as many people as we can though. Jim was having fun looking to see if he could find the great deal on a circular sock machine (no he didn’t).

As soon as we got back, it was time to try to unpack things we had previously packed so the house would be somewhat ready for the arrival of family for the wedding. Most of the stuff is still crammed in closets or the garage unfortunately. We did manage to get a room dug out for Jim’s mom to stay though.

August 1st was the day of the wedding. After having to change the officiating pastor after he got ill with my brother-in-law from Wisconsin and all the little traumas of how many sandwiches to order when people won’t send in their RSVP cards (I have learned my lesson there) the day arrived. Heather, I, Kat, Hannah and Brooke went and got our hair done. The stylist sprayed my with anti-frizz, anti-humidity spray, etc and it had completely flattened out by the wedding time. Heather’s hair was beautiful though.The wedding turned out well. The rain had finished by early morning and it was sunny but not too hot. We got great pictures. We went to the history museum for the reception. The guests loved the venue and we didn’t run out of food. Actually it was just the opposite so I am thankful for the groom’s brothers for taking all the extra sandwiches, veggie trays, chips and cake we had left over.


Heather and Brooke

Father/Daughter Dance

Father/Daughter Dance

Apparently we are so exhausted that we can’t post standing up 🙂 Anyone got an idea how to fix that?

Jim retired Monday and I go back to school tomorrow. I need a