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90 Days until Christmas

September 27, 2009

It may sound funny but I have the majority of my Christmas shopping done. I took wedding photos and had mugs made of them for my mother and mother-in-law. I was looking at the Mary Englebreit site as I love her magazine and found she had a store. There were all these cool t-shirts on sale and cute file folders so there are all the gifts for my sister, sister-in-laws and my co-workers. Last year, my daughter got me some convertible wrenches when they were clearancing them out at her place of work so there are my brothers and brother-in-laws. I still need a few more things for a few nieces and nephews but the remainder to get something  for comes down to Jim, Heather and Scott. I really have my act together there.

Today Jim and I went to the farmer’s market and then picked up Heather and went to Cider Days. We had never been before. It is a large craftshow at the Expo Center. I bought a beautiful pine quilt hanging rack painted with peace roses. Jim has the camera or I would show you a picture of it.

I slept a chumk of the beautiful day away.  I finally have got the laundry going now and am thinking about maybe doing some hooking.  The coolness feels wonderful but all the stuff in the air is bothering my eyes. It poured yesterday so you would think it would have washed some of that out.

Anothet Friday ends on a down note

September 26, 2009

It seemed like today was going ok. I had a meeting with colleagues and even though it was a day late (not my doing but I am sure I will hear about it) it seemed to go fairly smoothly. I got back to class and everyone was doing what they were supposed to do. Only an hour left to go in the day and then I noticed the message button was flashing on my phone. I returned the call and got to hear about all the mistakes I was making on paperwork….Some might actually be an internet problem but when it comes down to it, I am at the end of the line so it rests on me. After I called back and listened to secretary go over all this, I felt it might just be a good idea to go home and crawl in a hole somewhere. This has got to some of the worst part of the job. And wouldn’t you know, there is one that is over a month overdue and I keep reminding the person who needs to make the first move and she says she doesn’t need me to do anything yet but still………..I am going to be on the receiving end on that too.

I might go to the Farmer’s Market and Cider Days this weekend. While it is raining right now, it is supposed to clear off tomorrow.

Another weekend, almost over

September 14, 2009

Another week has gone by at school. Hurray for the weekend. Heather and I went to the Lawrence Art Center and took a class on how to enamel a copper bowl. Hers turned out beautifully. It  looked like a morning glory. Mine started out alright. I had visions of doing one like a tiger lily. Unfortunately, during one of its times in the kiln, it got knocked over. If I was home alone and had had the time, it might have turned out better. It isn’t horrible. It is just too brown for my taste. But, I hope to try it again in the future.

small enameled bowl

small enameled bowl

Today, Jim and I got up and went to church, went back to Lawrence for the Art in the Park, lunch at Carlos O’Kelly’ and then to Topeka for the Kaw Valley Wood Carvers meeting. I need a nap now! I don’t want to do my homework for my class Wednesday night either!