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Snow day today

February 22, 2010

It snow on Saturday and Sunday. The biggest problem here was the wind. The tv said we had about 8 inches but while it was light, any shoveling that was done drifted in. So, I had a day off today.

Having a day off came none too soon for me. I was at the end of my rope on Friday. One of my students is so ill right now and can ill afford to be. I went to see him Saturday. He woke up momentarily but I am sure he wasn’t recogizing me or anything for that matter. His temp was down though so hopefully things are getting better.

I slept a lot this weekend. It seemed like all I could handle. It helped. I got paperwork done and my homework for class tomorrow night. I even had a bit of time to knit on the sock I have been battling. I am about on row 30 now. It is looking good but is slow going.

Will Spring hurry up please?

February 19, 2010

I don’t mind the forecast for more snow. It was supposed to snow today but it was warm enough so it was dark and rainy instead. There is supposed to be more snow on Saturday night. It would be fine if we had a snow day on Monday as long as people could be safe. The part I need to have ending snow is the grey, gloomy days. The part that needs to end soon is all the illness that winter seems to bring on. I have one student in the hospital trying valiantly to battle pneumonia. He has so many health battles without adding this to it. I slept very little last night, concerned about how this was going to go.

At the end of the day, I heard one of my others students, whose family said earlier in the week that she was battling walking pneumonia, may be in the hospital too.

I tried to knit last night to release some stress. I couldn’t seem to follow the pattern though so I decided to go with a garter stitch instead. The picture isn’t great but you can see what the color scheme is.

I saw robins today

February 13, 2010

It was another exhausting week. I had a lot of running to do today. I went to the firemen’s breakfast, went rug hooking, got a haircut, picked up a Valentine shaped pizza for tomorrow and met up with Jim to get our taxes finished.
I saw some beautiful rugs finished today. I haven’t gotten up to speed with rug hooking yet for the year. Maybe after I go to Lenexa I will get excited about it again.
I saw several flocks of robins today. There is hope for spring. I do think that those flocks could take on that silly ground hog and win. 🙂

I still have more places to visit

February 5, 2010

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Snow, snow, snow

February 5, 2010

Very few days lately have been bright and clear. It has been unusually snowy this winter and when it isn’t it is often overcast. I did happen to catch an interesting contrast just lately though. Several weeks back, we happened to have a sunny Sunday morning so I snapped a shot to remind myself of the moment. This morning, at 7:30, while we were in the process of getting over 4 inches of snow, I took a few more pictures. Quite a contrast.

On the fiber front, I finished my January knitting block of the month, another dishcloth and started a sock using a pattern called Miss Marple. In conjunction with that, I started a Ravelry group to document the process. Hopefully it helps me get  both socks done.

Yesterday was like being in bedlam at work. Several people were downright ugly. One student is going for an alternate placement. It was difficult. The student had many wonderful qualities and I am not convinced others could see it. I pray things will work out. Another student, with severe health issues was crying in pain several days and had a seizure one night. I pray for that student too. Maybe spring with help.