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Last full week of March

March 27, 2010

Another strange week at work. I came back from spring break to find out one of my students was moved  to another town. I will miss him. It was sad not to be able to say good-bye. He actually was one of my favorite ones as when he smiled, it was heartwarming. I  cleaned out his desk and locker. The English teacher has some work she wants sent to him so I will have to figure out who to contact to mail that.

I had my job evaluation. I work at a very discouraging place. Nothing you do right is ever acknowledged there. It is so demoralizing at times. I got asked questions for which I have no say. I don’t write the laws of this country. It is like the comments are taunts. I am afraid I ended up going back to my room and ranting as it ticked me off so much. It is so hard to keep what I really think in sometimes. I have looked around a little for other options but haven’t seen anything workable yet.

The student who was in the hospital got out Monday night and was sent to school on Wednesday. I have never had surgery and then been able to do that. He looked so pale  and frail yesterday and today. He has lost weight. He was coughing a lot today. I hope he doesn’t end up with pneumonia again.

I worked on the group presentation we are doing for the collaboration class at Washburn. I got the bulk of the PowerPoint done tonight and have a basic idea of what I am going to say. Now if I don’t stumble over my tongue, it will be ok. I have go in this morning to practice it with other members of the group.

I had the last IEPs this week. Now it is just corrections that have to be made. I have fixed three so far. I hope they send the others soon so I can have that finished for the year.

I feel like planting something this weekend. I hope it doesn’t rain all day tomorrow.

A sunny finish

March 21, 2010

I went to visit my student in the hospital today. He seems to be doing better. He may get to come home in the next few days. He currently weighs 77.7 pounds down from his previous 85.  Still, I did see several smiles which I hadn’t seen in some time.

The sun is shining out there. I trimmed the roses back earlier. I don’t know if it is the right time of year but I wanted it done before they started leafing out. The little purple iris are up. The snow we got Friday night/Saturday morning is quickly melting. There are also a few white crocus peaking up through the snow too.

Tomorrow I go back to work. Vacation always go so quickly. It takes so long to unwind and relax and then there doesn’t seem to be much time left.

Hopefully the rest of the school year goes smoothly. May 20th is the last day of school. We have one thing planned and several months of opportunity as I don’t have to take a class this summer.

Spring break, almost over

March 18, 2010

It was a warm 64 degrees today. Wouldn’t you know a mosquito would get me tonight.  Bugs are hard for me to deal with. I find myself staying inside so I don’t have to deal with them. One day, since we moved her, I got bit over 20 times on the legs by chiggers and that was just walking out to the car and back.

I was admiring the quilt fabric I picked up on the road trip. I went to town yesterday and looked at some sewing machines. I think I would like one with embroidery capabilities. I don’t know if I would use it enough to warrant it though. It would be nice but very pricey.   I haven’t figured out yet how to save enough for it yet.

When I was in Iowa, some of the people I talked with asked how much longer I would stay at my job. I really couldn’t answer. Some part is , of course,  monetary. It was hard just living on one income in the past. We were always a little short. It is nice to not to have to think about money all the time. The job is so stressful though. It is mostly the adults that are the issue. It is hard dealing with the problems the kids have also. It breaks my heart some days.  I wish I could figure out how to deal with that part.

Road trip

March 16, 2010

It is spring break for me so Heather, Jim and I went on a road trip. Unfortunately, Scott couldn’t come because of work. Maybe  he can another time.

We left here, went to Stewartsville, MO to a quilt store,

then to Lamoni, IA where I bought an Amish basket. Next stop was to Cantril, IA to the Dutchman store

where we bought bulk food. We then stopped in Ft. Madison to Paul Revere’s for chicken fajita pizza and bread sticks. We drive into Burlington where we spent the night and visited some good friends of ours.

Jim saw a few people Sunday morning and then we hit the road again. We stopped in Iowa City and went to Dick Blick

and the Soap Opera.

Jim always avoided this place as the fragrances can be too much for him.

We then drove on to Little Amana to spend the night. The next morning it was off to go to Williamsburg to the quilt store and then off to Kalona. I went to the quilt store there and then we went to Stringtown for more bulk food and then to the Kalona Cheese factory. Fresh curds are so much fun to eat as they squeak

We left Kalona and went into the Amana Colonies for the afternoon. We used to go there several times a year when we lived in Iowa. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and we didn’t even need coats. We went to the outlet mall to look around before heading back to Little Amana. Supper was at the Seven Villages Restaurant where we had pork chops and potatoes.

Today, we headed back home. It was grey and cold today. First stop was the Woolen Needle in Williamsburg

where I picked a few pieces of wool.

Then we headed up to Pella to the bakery.

We continued on and got home around 6. It was great to be able to do this. I hope we can do it again. I hate the traveling part but I love getting to go see things.

Wednesday, a no good, very bad day

March 10, 2010

If one more adult blasts me with an e-mail complaining about something they think I did or didn’t do or another person feels it is their duty to tell me how I am not doing everything I could possibly be doing………   I am so exhausted from listening to all this. It is hard enough being a type A person without others dumping on more.  This was followed by my night class. We had our project determined weeks ago only to have several decide it all had to be changed. I will have to spend time redoing the research I had done.  My boss at the co-op decided I could spend my spring break watching videos on a reading program they want me to start with one of the 6th graders. (Wouldn’t it have been nice if they had me come up for the day long training on this rather than decide I could learn the whole program one hour after work one day?) And it all had to be done with fidelity and if it wasn’t, I was going to be reported to head of the co-op. I guess I am supposed to throw all the other students I have had to start new programs with under the bus while I do this. Of course, it is state testing time so whenever other students who I never working with are not being tested, down they are sent to my room………….. Can you tell I am frustrated? I was seriously considering quitting last night. I know the kids need someone to advocate for them but this doesn’t help my well being.  I am not sure what to do. I feel like I have to work at something but it isn’t the economy to just quit in.

Spring break is coming

March 7, 2010

It is almost spring break for me. Thursday is parent-teacher’s conferences and I will  be there until 8 pm but Friday I will be done. I am supposed to go rug hooking on Saturday but will probably go road tripping instead. If the weather cooperates, we may go to Iowa for a day or two.

My student didn’t end up coming back to school yet as he was throwing up again. Poor kid. I am not sure why they sent him home if he wasn’t ready.

Another of my kid visited the hospital this week. He managed to hurt himself.  He asked to stay in my room Monday so he could recuperate. Tuesday, he went to gym and hurt himself and ended up in th emergency room. He came to his IEP meeting on Thursday as he was so out of it, he was mispelling his own name. Friday he came but kept falling asleep in class so we sent him home again. Hope he recovers soon.

Jim and I worked on organizing the garage a bit, I think we found about 10 feet of floor space so far 🙂

Wonder of wonders, miracles of miracles

March 3, 2010

I got word today that my student was released from the hospital today and he might even get to come to school Friday! I expected he would be out for a while, recovering at home. I imagine he will sleep a lot when he does come but he has come a long way back.

I am knitting a dishcloth tonight. I was working on a sock but I am thinking it might be too tight for me so I may just restart it.

Rug hooking in Kansas

March 1, 2010

I saw some beautiful rugs at the show in Lenexa. Here are some samples of the beautiful pieces.

Isn’t the detail beautiful on this rug?

Plenty of fun thing to do this weekend

March 1, 2010

Friday night, Jim and I went to Washburn for the Kansas Silent Film Festival. We saw Laurel and Hardy in Angora Love. It was so funny. There was also a Charlie Chaplin film and then the feature starred Buster Keaton. It was an enjoyable evening.

Saturday we hit the road for Lenexa, Kansas. We first stopped in Eudora to visit the quilt store. I saw several beautiful quilts. I was good and only came home with an embroidery pattern and a fat quarter.

They do some beautiful applique work at the store. I thought the other quilts were quite stunning too.