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First week of vacation

May 27, 2010

The first days of vacation I napped every day. The last several days I haven’t had to so hopefully I am making progress there with the destressing process. The heat and humidity hasn’t helped. Still, today I had a list of things to do and I got most of them done.

This morning I applied for two microgrants to get supplies to work with my students this fall. The voting is starting in a week or so so then I will post a link. I need all the votes I can get as summer isn’t the most opportune time to be doing this but on the other hand, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Jim and I got our driver’s licenses renewed today. As usual, the pictures were scary.

Our friend Cheryl left Wednesday afternoon for Oklahoma. The baby will get to say in for at least another week as Kelly’s platelet count must be stable for the moment.

I am working on trying to finish up some of my rugs. at least that is my goal. I have the border left to do on the loon rug. I hope to finish that soon.

First week of summer vacation

May 25, 2010

I have to admit that I have gone back to sleep every day since school was over and taken a nap besides. It seems so wrong but I am doing it anyway. How could I be so tired? My mind pegs it down to laziness but then again my mind never gives me a break.

In case I didn’t mention it before, I got an A in my class at Washburn. I have just the one class to go for the licensure and should think about starting to work on that.

I spent yesterday running errands and thinking about what things I need to do this summer. I still need to set up a dentist appointment. I also need to get the entry forms in for the carving class in Baldwin City and the sock knitting in Indiana. I know it will be fun but I don’t relish the driving.

Cheryl is supposed to be stopping in tonight on her way to Oklahoma. I have started the cleaning but you can see I stopped so I could work on my blog. Cleaning has never been something I relish and I often stall on.

On a down note, Townsend Industries is closing its doors. I love the wool cutter I bought from them. It is a good thing I bought the other two blades last summer. I have a 6, 8.5 and a 3 cutter. That should give me great versatility.

Last week of school for this year

May 16, 2010

Last week sped by quickly.  I am finished with my night class at Washburn. It is now just a matter of waiting to see what I got for a grade. I took a personal day on Wednesday. Friday was our big field trip day. I took what was left of the Target Field Trip grant and arranged for the whole special ed. department to go to the Kansas History Museum, Gage Park for lunch and then to the zoo. We left with 24 students and came back with 25 🙂  Actually, what happened is that one of my students joined us in the afternoon as his nurse felt like the whole day might be too much for him. I think the kids all had fun. One managed to hurt his leg and dragged it around all afternoon. Apparently this is often the way he operates. One student didn’t get to go though. His mother typically brings him in late. We didn’t leave until after 9:30 and he wasn’t there then. It is too bad he didn’t get to join us though.

A dear friend from Minnesota stopped by on her way back home after visiting her daughter and son-in-law in Oklahoma. It is a very long trip for her. She got here Friday night and left this morning. Unfortunately, I came down with a migraine so I had to go to bed yesterday as it was making me feel sick. 😦

Jim and his mom got as far as Hardin, MT last night. It will be so good when he gets back. It was definitely something he needed to do and I think he enjoyed it for the most part.

This week, I have to take the kids over to the high school for practice. It will be the last day for the eighth graders. The rest of the kids go through Thursday and I am finished on Friday.

Today, I am lying around resting and trying to get some rug hooking done.

So much for taking a personal day

May 12, 2010

It was planned for months. Jim and I would go to Kansas City today to the machine quilter’s show. We were going to take a friend along. It was going to be a good break to get me through the rest of the school year. First, Jim had to go out of state to take his mom to see his brother which went from a simple trip to a trip still in progress. Then the friend called this morning to say her boss was insistent she come into work today even though it was planned for weeks that she comes with me. Then it turned out the shopping wasn’t happening until three today anyway and that was the time the severe storms would be stopping so…………….. I stayed home today. I guess it was meant to be.This was the second time this has happened to me this year though.

Most of the day I napped. I did make some progress on cleaning Heather’s room as another friend is stopping by after I get home from work on Friday. It is going painfully slow.Not sure where the energy is some times. Maybe I will have to talk to the doctor to see if I am taking a high enough dose of medicine to deal with the lethargy. How does one know how much of this is just normal aging?

Friday is the field trip I am planning for the sped kids to the Kansas History Museum, Gage Park and then the Zoo. I hope they enjoy it. We have 1 to 2 to 1 to 3 coverage of them so hopefully it will go well. It is supposed to be a nice day.

It has been so rainy this week. We seem to get a bit of time off and then it rains again. I should have mowed earlier in the week but didn’t.

Happy Mother’s Day

May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers out there. I am blessed that my mother is doing well. Jim and his brothers are together with their mother today out in Montana. My daughter called me up to wish me a good day and to see if I wanted to get together. It is cool and dark out there so I passed on it for today and said we could get together when he gets back. There is no strife in our family and I am thankful for that.

I am cleaning because a friend is stopping by later in the week. I worked on the tile floor last night and bought some throw rugs to put down to help that. I need to mop Heather’s room and put a few more things away. I wish I was better at this but it has never been something I was that good at.

Two more Mondays and school is done for the year. There are several people I will miss at work besides the special ed. staff. The computer teacher and I are getting closer and the librarian is someone a person can talk with.

I suppose I should get back to  cleaning so I can squeeze in some rug hooking today 🙂

Another tumultous week

May 8, 2010

Our school does one thing exceptionally well. Every year there is a history fair. Kids study and reenact different aspects of history. They bring the elementary kids over and parents come in. It lasts for about 3 hours and everyone is exhausted afterwards. I knew the afternoon would be down time so I made arrangements to take the eighth grade special ed. students to the high school for a tour. Unfortunately,  they were promised a movie after I got this set up. I told them we would get back as soon as possible but nothing goes smoothly. Before we even left, three boys sat on a table and broke it. They couldn’t apologize but a spent time blaming each other. Tammy and I finally got them over there but they still were being obnoxious. We got them back and then they had to go to the office. They carried on so much, the principal sent them to me for the afternoon. I got all kinds of verbal abuse, sighing, being told this was why no one wanted to be in my room ,etc. What a pain.

A family friend is coming this week. I am trying to make progress in cleaning as the house is a disaster. Heather came over for a bit today and we worked on her room. I really need to paint it and put some new vinyl tile down this summer. I got some done in the kitchen also. At least my night class is done so I don’t have to think about that too.

This school week is almost over

May 5, 2010

Toward the end of the year, time seems to pass quickly. I am in that state of limbo where I am still here but am not consider because I will be leaving to go to the high school next year. I spent part of my time trying to pack up my things so they can be moved. The kids are mostly involved with the history fair and are gearing up for summer.

I started a small mat called Star Mat by Need’l Love. I am making the stripes red and blue with a white star. It should go quickly but will satisfying when it is finished.

Jim didn’t get on the road today because it is snowing in Montana. Maybe tomorrow. Hopefully his brother Mark can go with him and his mom. It should be a great adventure for them.

I finished another class

May 4, 2010

I finished the final tonight for the required class I have been taking this semester. The majority of the nights I was there, I was wishing I could drop it. Some parts of the class were interesting but the class was very labor intensive and required that we do a collaboration project. It involved 5 other people, two of whom already had decided what they wanted to do before we even started. There were passive-aggressive time demands which tied up 6 Saturdays. There was the night when one of them sent an email complaining about me and sent it to me too. From comments I read, I got the impression that some weren’t happy with me although I only made one comment the first night we were trying to make decisions about what it should be about. I tried hard to be cooperative and to get along for the sake of the project.  I would prefer to work with friends or by myself another time. After the exam, I had to have a 10 minute meeting with the professor about what we learned about the class and if we were using it at work. I do try to get along at work although there are a few people there that don’t reciprocate.

I found a grant for the computer teacher to apply for. I posted the address on Facebook and have been finding people to vote for her. I was on the phone last night with Mom explaining the steps for her. I hope she gets it as then she would get a small grant for her project and either a flip camera or an IPOD nano. I should have applied for that myself as I could use the flip camera to tape health issues my student is having  so we could forward it to his doctor. We borrowed one from the co-op for a while and his doctor found it helpful. Maybe I will at the next round which is at the end of May. Not an opportune time but if it is meant to happen, it will happen.

It was in the eighties today and will be in the seventies tomorrow. A few of the things I planted are coming up. The paras and the nurse got me a impatient today. The flowers are so interested as they have layers.

I am starting to pack up my classroom. I am extricating my stuff out of the classroom stuff. Scott and Tammy are going to go through the rest and figure out where to put things. It is hard to do this again.  I hope this move will be a good thing for me.

Tammy and I are taking kids to the high school on Friday. Four of them are complaining about it and are trying to get out of it. Three of the four are also complaining about the field trip also. Thanks kids………

Only two more Mondays left for this school year

May 3, 2010

It is already May 3rd. My sister has a birthday today.  Now that I am home, I realized there are only two more Mondays left. I imagine this month will go quickly. On Friday, there is a history fair at school in the morning and I am taking the kids over to the high school for a visit in the afternoon. On the 14th, we are taking all the special ed. students to the Kansas History Museum and to the zoo on a field trip. This is the other half of the Target Grant I received last year. I have three eighth graders that think it would be better to not go but everyone else seem excited to go.

Tuesday night is the final for the class I am taking at Washburn. Every night I went I felt like dropping the class so it is good it is ending.  I have to finish the take home test tonight and then study for the test in class. Enough already!

Mom is going to visit relatives for a week. I hope she has good weather for the trip.

I did get a lot done this weekend. I went rug hooking for a while on Saturday and then got a haircut. I went to Home Depot and bought mulch for the bushes and managed to get that all wrapped up in time to go to Saturday night church. On Sunday, I mowed the lawn , which was a pain because first I couldn’t get it to run and then when it did, I got it stuck when trying to mow the neighbor’s ditch. I ended up having to push the rider back into our yard and up the slope. Now my leg it bugging me again…. I also saw a medium size snake when I went by one of the trees. I had thought about going over and pulling some of the grass by hand before I saw that. I guess I will have to find the weedwacker.