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What have I been up to?

June 25, 2010

You haven’t heard from me for a while as I was on vacation. First we went to Baker University for the Kaw Valley Woodcarvers seminar. Then we got home for a day then it was off to Marion, Indiana for Crank Indiana. I am getting so I can knit ribbing on my csm but now I am having problems doing the heels and toes. The stitches either wont knit or will break. It is so frustrating. Down the road, we are taking it to Verona, WI where the maker will be coming and I hope she will adjust it so I can get the rest of this going. Then it was off to Wisconsin to visit my relatives. Mom, Jim and I went to Door County for the day. We got as far as Fish Creek. There was a neat rubber stamp store in Sturgeon Bay where I got several of my favorite Northwood Designs stamps. I found a neat cardinal tile in Egg Harbor where we had lunch. Jim and Mom had brats with dried cherries in them.  Fish Creek had some neat shops there and I bought some flower prints.

Ignore the years on these pictures. Mom’s camera is set wrong.

Cranking away

June 15, 2010

Jim and I are attending a circular sock knitting machine crank in in Indiana. I got the ribbing and part of the heel done. It was too long  so I unraveled it so I am going to start again. It is real progress though.

Hopefully in another day, I will have a whole sock to show you 🙂

I am also showing a clip of how to use this yarn winder.

Help me win my microgrant

June 11, 2010

I am working on two projects for school and need your help. All that you need to do is go to the websites and vote for both of my projects. The site won’t contact you unless you hit the button to be sent e-mails. Please tell your friends to vote too. Thanks. Here is my pitch:

I got accepted to apply for a second microgrant so I need another vote.  The first one was at this address
The second one that I am participating in a Microgrant program sponsored by the Partnership on 21st Century Skills and an online community, called WeAreTeachers. The recipients of this grant receive an iPod nano with video to promote “21st Century Readiness” in their school, and there is a grand prize of a trip to Washington DC for two. Recipients are selected based on votes. SO — If you have a moment, I’d really appreciate you going online and voting for my project. It would really mean a lot to me to have your vote and support! Just go to and follow the directions there.

Sherrie Petersen

I started another blog :)

June 9, 2010

I was taking a class today at the technology center about using Blogger so I started another blog. I guess I am forcing myself to write and be productive.

Check it out at

Tomorrow I learn about digital vaults, whatever that is.

Almost time to go to the woodcarving seminar at Baker University

June 8, 2010

This will be the second year we are going to go to this. Jim and I signed up to learn how to do chip carving. That actually is the real reason I signed up for the group anyway. I love how this looks. I imagine it won’t be too easy though. Stay tuned to see how that goes.

This morning involved making lists of chores to do and paying bills. Progress sure is slow.I sold another book and got that sent out along with a college graduation present and a baby present.

I got a USB drive today from the Circular Sock Machine Society of America. It contains all the patterns and little movies of techniques. It would have been nice to go to the convention but it was just too far away. We will be going to Marion, Indiana soon for several days to learn more about this and to Verona, WI later in the summer for another lesson. This should be the year we get this all figured out.

I narrowed down my search on sewing machines. I planned up through yesterday to  buy a Janome that didn’t do embroidery but you could do quilting on it. Then wouldn’t you know it. I got an e-mail from the Bernina people saying I could get a machine with 36 months, interest free. It embroiders, sews and quilts so it came home with me yesterday. Jim and I are going in for a lesson later in the month so we learn all the intricasies of the machine. Talk about going off the deep end 🙂

Yesterday, I went to the technology center for a class. It was during this class that I read the e-mail about the sewing machine. Anyway, it was interesting. It was how to use Glogster but the edu version. I have a class again tomorrow and Thursday too. I am thinking about taking some information technology or computer programming classes down the road as I have had trouble helping one of my students who had to write a program in Scratch and having never written any kind of program, it was difficult until I got a printed page of steps to follow.

On to the next thing, I guess………….

I found this video on making a book…..

June 7, 2010

It is very informative. It makes me want to jump in and try this.

Pictorial Webster’s: Inspiration to Completion from John Carrera on Vimeo.

I also went into town today and bought a Bernina Embroidery/Sewing machine. I hadn’t planned to spend that much money but I got 3 years/ interest free so decided to go for the best. Later this month, Jim and I will go and take the class. My other machine was a White Jeans Machine that I won at the fair in SE Iowa. It was a work horse but was very limited in what it could do. I hope this will inspire me to sew more.

Another post and still no pictures ? Surprise :)

June 4, 2010

I need to do something about that.

So how about this…………. I bought some new software that I can use to convert my photos into kaleidoscopes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with the Mac. I didn’t want to install it on my husband’s computer which is why you see the words all over the design. I plan on using this to possibly do some paintings with these designs or do some rug designs. It would also be fun on t- shirts or tote bags.

All of these used the same photograph. I did some more but these were the only ones I transferred over to this computer. I have entered this idea in a contest to get a microgrant so I can work on this program with the kids. I hope I win as I think the kids will really enjoy this project.