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I survived the first week with the kids!

August 25, 2010

School is going ok so far. I don’t have too many students which is helpful in learning my new responsibilities. My only gripe so far is the room is very warm and there are no windows so I can’t open them. I have two fans running and one of my students ends the day looking so warm and miserable. I can’t wait to leave the room myself so I can go home and put on cooler clothes. I guess I will have to hope it stays this way come winter time.

I took another sewing class for my Bernina sewing machine last Saturday.  I hope there is an end in sight to all the feet that machine needs 🙂 It came with a stitch regulator for free motion quilting but  hear it still needs a walking foot and probably a 1/4″ foot. I haven’t taken the class on zippers and buttonholes yet so that will probably need a couple too.

What I really love about the machine is its ability to do embroidery. I have downloaded a bunch of patterns from the Embroidery Library.  I have a lot of Christmas patterns I have collected and some lace. It has been fun planning the projects I will do.

Progress is happening on the flooring project. We are putting wood floors in the two bedrooms and the living room. It will be such an improvement over those ugly carpets that came with the house. We have been boxing up things for days now and still aren’t finished. Before the floor man comes, I really should paint the other bedroom and touch up a few spots in the other rooms.

My college class starts next week. It will be a lot of work but it will be the last one I have to take for a while.

Talk about blessings

August 17, 2010

We decided we were going to rip out the carpeting and have hardwood flooring put in. My mother-in-law decided we should just do it, so she gifted us the money for the project. How generous she is.

The same day that arrived, a friend called to say she was moving to a smaller house. I had helped her set up a loom she had found several years ago. She called to say that she was gifting me the loom as she wasn’t going to be using it and it was to big for her house. I was stunned. Now we have to get the flooring done so we can find a place to put it.  What amazing blessings, both to happen in the same day.

I started back to work on Monday. It was a meeting day. Today was a work day where I got paperwork ready and organized the room. I am always anxious this time of year so I hope it all goes well.

Machine embroidery is difficult………

August 6, 2010

I got up the courage to play with my embroidery machine this last week. I was able to successfully make some lace snowflakes and butterflies. It is fascinating to watch it sew. I then decided to try to make a crane on a towel for Mom. I enlarged the pattern to 150%. For some reason, it wouldn’t stop for the color changes so it ended up all white. I also put it up too high.  The next one I did was of some flowers on a green and white towel. I turned it on its side. For some reason it also didn’t work right and I ended up with one flower so thick it sewed a hole in the cloth 😦  I am putting it into time out.

I have the first guide class tomorrow. I am supposed to learn how to do basic things on the machine. I hope it works……….