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Another Halloween, come and gone

October 31, 2010

It was a slow Halloween for us. We only had about 85 people. There must have been another event somewhere. I have been working on homework and jumping up every little bit since 6. The last five came after the lights were out. Hope you all had a good Halloween.

Things are going ok so far this week

October 26, 2010

It is already Tuesday night and no major problems so far. Tomorrow night is parent-teacher conferences until 8. Thursday it goes from 8-6:30. So far, no one has signed up to come talk to me. I have talked to many of the parents during meetings so probably I won’t hear from them. It would be nice to see them though. It will make for two long days.

My students had to decorate our door for Red Ribbon week. I think it turned out pretty good. They also had a pumpkin they were suppose to decorate for a competition but it ended up being done mainly by one student.  He decided to carve the Ford logo on it.

I am so far behind in my practicum homework. I come home so tired it is hard to work on. Maybe the next two nights will give me some time to work on it. I will be so relieved to be finished. To have nights without having to do school work will be a relief. Maybe then I can do some rug hooking or work on my new loom.

Hopes for a relaxing weekend

October 22, 2010

Things have quieted somewhat so I am hoping for a few days of peace.  This weekend has no meeting and our time is basically our own.

I took two boys from my Independent Living class out to see what it was like to work for a trenching outfit. They seemed really fascinated by it. They kept wanting to watch and we got back to school with 5 minutes to spare. Bummer for me though. I parked the van and then managed to trip on uneven concrete. I managed to skin my knees and hands and bang my hip. The ground hasn’t gotten any softer over the years. I am glad I didn’t manage to break a hip or something…………..

Monday, I take these same two boys and another one down to the bank to learn about how that works and then to the store to work on how to budget for a week. We will see how much different things cost. Hopefully they will get something out of that.

Jody is interested in one of my looms. Now I have to figure how to get it up to Wisconsin. I don’t think she is in too much of a hurry though.

Here is hoping we all have a good weekend. 🙂

Work can be so stressfull………..

October 20, 2010

First responders and EMTs in my room again. And just think, 3 more quarters to go………..

The pictures speak for themselves

October 17, 2010

It is hard to image what he was thinking.

Week in review

October 17, 2010

I actually wrote earlier in the week and never posted it as I couldn’t decide whether I should or  not. The week started out ok. There was a blood drive and I was successful  at giving. I had been unable to give in the past due to anemia but all the levels were good. One of my students was off at a doctor’s appointment so the day was fairly quiet. I got a new student a day later which makes for a strange class dynamic. I basically have three history classes going at once as they are different grade levels and one of the three kids has less than a first grade reading level. I am unsure how that is all going to work.  The first student came back from his appointments tired out and had several days with seizures that ended up with me having to call the first responders by midweek. There must have been 7-8 of them there. It just  makes me ill seeing having to go through so much. He was gone Thursday but was back on Friday.

I spent Saturday at the Fabric Corner taking two more guide classes. In the morning it was all about learning some of the techniques you could do with the machine and the afternoon was spent learning about applique and free motion quilting. I hope I am about finished buying feet for that machine 🙂 I met Jim for church later and then we went out to supper.

Today, I should pick things up and work on my homework. We are also supposed to pick up a loom from a friend who is downsizing. I am not sure to put that yet.

There is nothing on the calendar so far for this week but it would be nice to have some peace and a chance to do a few fun things.


Yesterday continued

October 10, 2010

After embroidery, it was off to Judy Cripp’s  of Rustic Rugs for rug hooking.The following rugs were displayed in the house. It is such a fun group and it is great to see all the creativity.


This is the start of my exchange mat. I thought a patchwork design might be fun.


A productive day yesterday

October 10, 2010

It started with the Bernina embroidery club. We embroidered a butterfly on a t-shirt. I hope to do this again in the future.


The beginning of the project



Ready to rinse out the wash away stabilizer and clip threads.


Work in progress

8 weeks over with

October 8, 2010

Next week is the end of the 1st quarter. Some days just dragged and the days seemed like they were 30 hours long. The transition to a new school hasn’t been bad though. The assistant principal chewed on me a bit yesterday but it was nothing compared to what I’ve had to deal with in the past.

Tomorrow holds promise. I just wish I wasn’t wishing I could sleep in. I have embroidery club to begin with. We are going to embroider a butterfly on a t shirt. Then it is off to pick up some food for rughooking. I haven’t worked on that in months. I will have to dig through the boxes to find my stuff so I can go. Hopefully I can finish up the day by going to church and getting a good night’s sleep.

Sunday I have a sewing class for my machine. I think this one has to do with learning how to do buttonholes. My other machine never seemed to work right for that. I used to just sew the buttonholes by hand. It was so much easier.

The cat wars are still ongoing. Shasta tolerates Riley some days but others she snarls and makes like she will attack him. I hope this gets worked out soon. I am for anti-anxiety medication for her as she has always seemed stressed out. I have seen her throw herself against the glass doors trying to get a cat on the other side. She did so well with the past cat though that we thought she would like a kitten to take care of and play with.

I am trying to learn this machine

October 4, 2010

I have signed up for two quilt, block of the month lessons. The first one is called Modern Mix. It is on the Bernina website, part way down the page. I can’t say I am fond of the colors but it is supposed to be about learning how to do embroidery.  The second one is called Celebrations from Stitch Connections Work will slow me down so I don’t know how fast they will be done but they are started.

Modern Mix