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Back rug hooking again.

January 30, 2011

After the Praxis and the drama of my mother-in-law’s health issues, I was happy to get back to rug hooking. I had resolved to not start anything new until I finished a few projects but that was a resolution that has already been broken.

I continue to make progress on the garden rug. I work on it then rip out sections as I don’t like some of the colors. It is going fairly fast though.

Last weekend, at Judy’s place we had a rug hooking workshop. Eleven people got paper and we each had to make hearts that we had to use to make a design. Only two of used bright colors. I find that interesting that they do that but I can’t. I want my rugs to be bright and colorful 🙂

This is what I came up with. the hearts in the corners are mine and I used Leslie’s in the center. I believe Judy is going to put an article of how different the designs were in the Wool Street Journal in the future.

I better get back to hooking. 🙂

Making a little progress on my rug

January 11, 2011

I used my day off yesterday to work on my rug. I had to work on studying today but hopefully next week I will get a chance to get back to it. I am excited to see how it turns out.

School is back in session

January 5, 2011

The kids came back today. I always have hopes that I will do something that will help them or inspire them. Probably not, but I would like to hope. I remember my band/choir teacher Mr. Crain, who gave me so much. I remember my elementary art teacher, Mrs. Richter. I remember wonderful projects we did and their patience.

My mother-in-law had a stent put in on Monday and was released on Tuesday. On Tuesday night, she was complaining about the same pain that sent her to the hospital in the first place. We called the hospital and they called back later. It was so stressful. She decided the pain was her ulcer so she didn’t go in. She has returned to smoking and drinking Mountain Dew. It is so painful to see her do this.

Still studying for the Praxis that is the 15th. It is slow going and I hope I remember this stuff.




January 2, 2011

January 2, 2011

It’s another new year. Jim, my mother-in-law and I spent the New Year’s Eve watching the Marx Brothers. Scott and Heather came over yesterday and we had a pizza party. Tille is doing ok so far but it will be a relief when we get her checked into the cath lab tomorrow.

I am trying to get Laurie’s Christmas rug done. I need to find some blue and then bind it off. I have worked on it so long that I don’t like the color combination. I like bright colors for myself. I have started a new rug called My English Garden by Rittermere-Hurst-Field. It is very large and I ordered from Canada with my birthday money from Tille this last summer.










It was sunny and in the thirties today. I am not sure when we will get our first snow. It has been a strange winter. Keep warm.