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I missed the hook in at Lenexa

February 28, 2011

I wanted to go. The weather was nasty and I decided to forgo the event. There was ice on our windshield when we got up and it is a long way to go in bad weather. The Friday before, we had a two hour delay because we had gotten 9 inches of snow. As it turned out, before the weekend was over, we had rain and hail besides. Kansas City, Mo had some flooding in the street. I do know that the people who did go had some great pictures up though.

One thing that went through my mind when trying to make this decision was how reliant I had become on other people’s patterns. While I love their work, it doesn’t push me to work on my designs. That seems important to me now.

I got the taxes done today. I am also in the process of massive shredding of old receipts and records. The shredded paper goes to the Humane Society to line the cages of the animals. It gives me a little more motivation to work on that project.


Let’s hope this week is better

February 20, 2011

I have two meetings on Tuesday. After that, I am hopeful that it will be a quiet week. My boss may be having a meeting with me to answer my question of last week so if that happens, hopefully it will go ok. I plan on taking off the 28th and maybe a few more days if it comes down to it.

I spent the afternoon sewing. I took a class at the Fabric Corner. We used a variety of feet, a quilt design and learned to put in a zipper to make this bag which is called a Humbug Bag. ( link should take you to a similarly designed bag tutorial)  Here is another link. It was fun and I hope to remember enough of it to do it again.

We used the walking foot, Bernina stitch regulator, the embroidery module, the roller foot and a variety of stitches to decorate this project. Not sure what to put in it yet but want to make some more to practice the sewing technques.

These are strange times

February 16, 2011

Egypt  has governmental uprising. The Middle East is in turmoil. They are protesting in Wisconsin over the governor’s actions. Every time my bosses come down, they tell me they may be getting rid of me. My son-in-law is still trying to find a job. It is a very stressful time for so many people. I feel like I could use an extended vacation. I would sit in my house working on my rugs, weaving, embroidery, etc. and would watch old movies. I suppose I would feel antsy after a few days. Still, it would be nice.

I got word yesterday I passed my Praxis test. It was a long, grueling test but with that out of the way, I can get that new license. It came on the same day as my work evaluation……….. Talk about highs and lows. This idea that people can judge your body of work by momentary snapshots of your day leaves a lot to be desired. It becomes one of those things that you can’t argue with as they have the power. It would be helpful though if they were more constructive. I guess that is my approach though. It still hurts today but I am resolving that I won’t let it effect the people I work with every day though.

I was talking to my mother about these times. It is so tempting not to listen to what is happening in the world. I told her though we can’t be like these people who are being so greedy in society.  I think we have to resolve to work on hunger projects. It is the light a candle instead of cursing the darkness idea. We should resolve to donate more food over Lent instead of giving up some inconsequential thing.


On an up note, this is the progress I made so far on my rug.

No snow days this week

February 9, 2011

Kansas got snow again yesterday. We only had several inches here but some places to the south saw 18 inches. It is hard to imagine. There have been a few days here of bitter cold but next week they are saying it might get to 65! What an unusual winter………..

I have made major project on my floral rug but am now at an impasse with available colors. I ordered some strips last night from Ram in the Thicket. I need a range of reds/pinks  for the roses that I haven’t been able to find so far. Hopefully it will be here soon so I can get back to work on it.

Keep warm 🙂

Last snow day for this storm

February 2, 2011

We have an hour delay tomorrow and then it is back to work. Tonight brings possible record cold. I think we must have had 7-9 inches from the storm. It was nice to have some time off but I guess we will have to make up today.

I did some serious cooking during the last two days. It was Jim’s crazy cake, homemade baked beans and today it was stew. Now there are leftovers for a few days.

I spent part of yesterday and today learning how to knit mittens. The pattern is called Woodland Winter Mittens done by the Knit Picks Design Team. I am working on the February design which has chickadee and cardinal designs. I am about half done with the chickadee. It is causing eyestrain though trying to read the graph. The background color is charcoal. I think I need more light. 🙂








This the first mittens I have ever knit so I hope they turn out ok.  I should have picked an easier pattern I suppose but what fun would that be 🙂