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I think I need to chill out

March 10, 2011

The turmoil in Wisconsin has had me very upset. Having gone to graduate school in Madison, I have thought many times I would like to have been there to show my support for the teachers and union members. It seems like teachers are being blamed for so many things. I have personally spent tens of thousands of dollars to learn all I could for this job and have poured hours I could have spent going after  some high paying job with bonuses as I feel it is an important job and I want to do the best job I can.  I don’t expect you, the reader, to feel sorry for me. I chose to do this. I have agreed not to get raises for the last few years and to pay more for insurance. I don’t have a choice on the money going out for KPERs  and whether I see any of it remains to be seen. I have relatives that are just thrilled to see these “liberals”, “hippies” , or whatever they want to call them, put in their place. I was told toward the end of last year I might not even have a job next year. I work hard not to let that get in the way of working with my students. I have seen lately though that it gets harder to contain my feelings and to not to talk, like I am “suppose” to. It doesn’t appear things are going to be much better in Kansas. I need to go to some quiet place to focus on  what is important for me, my family and my life.