Hello, it is me again.

School is now done for the year. At this point, I am not sure when I will go back. I turned in my resignation yesterday. It has been a perfect storm of issues at school and health issues with my mother-in-law and I don’t have any more to give at the moment. Two weeks ago, I stepped out of a hall only to have a running student hit me and I ended up on the floor. I don’t think she did it intentionally but my head still ended up hitting the floor. I remember lying there and thinking there had to be something better for me somewhere…………….




2 Responses to “Hello, it is me again.”

  1. fishgirl Says:

    Mossrose, a few words – ” it is always darkest just before the dawn.” Your watercolors are beautiful – you have talent. And did you file an accident report on that blow at school? Hope you are feeling better SOON!! Joan

    • mossrose Says:

      I actualy did file an accident report and the district sent me a form letter about the alleged incident.
      Thank you for kind words.

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