I am trying to get back on my feet again

I spent the first few days off just sleeping. It doesn’t seem like one should have to sleep that much. I only had one nap today though.

I signed up for a class at the Fabric Corner to learn how to machine quilt. They are bringing in a presenter so I should have a major challenge coming next week.

I have been doing Pinterest lately. My daughter got me interested in it. On the days I feel especially tired, I pin pictures to refer back to later. I am also hoping that the people who pinned them gain some benefit from this. For the artists who sell their work, maybe they will get a new patron. I have learned many new things by studying it. I have tried two new recipes and have lined up some new projects to make down the road.

I spent this morning scanning some of my mother-in-law’s pictures. I uploaded them to Facebook so her other sons can see them. My next step is to upload them to a site to make a book that includes the names and some of their stories. It is amazing how much time this is taking though.

The challenge I gave my family and friends was to do 1 new thing each week and to try to spend 15 minutes per day doing something that makes you happy. So far I have done the 1 new thing and spent 2-3 days doing the 15 minute projects. It is slow progress but progress none the less.


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