I need a plan for fall

At this point, I have had no responses to the job applications I submitted for jobs. I feel a little remorse for not staying at the last place but emphasis is on the “little”. I do need to do something though to keep myself employable and to generate some income. I imagine I will sub locally but I can’t take a steady diet of that so need to work out what I can do creatively.

1. I have a chip carved plate to finish.

2. I have to finish a hooked rug pattern of Christmas star.

3. I have a small mat to finish of the manger.

4. I have Christmas quilt to finish.

5. I have a carved Jesus to finish.

6. I want to paint the portrait of Heather and Scott I have sketched out.

7. I have some baby blankets to finish.

8. I want to sew some baby bibs.

9. I need to finish the Christmas dish towels I have started.

10. I have a sheep mat to finish up.

11. I want to weave off the warp I have on the big loom.

12. I have a hummingbird to finish carving.

13. I have a watercolor class scheduled for the fall.

14. I have a bunny rug to bind.

15. I have to learn to use my circular sock machine.

I have many projects started that need finishing. Now if I can find the balance and energy to get them done.

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