What should I do now?

School starts in three days. This is the first time in over 5 years that I didn’t have a position to go to. I was accepted to sub in the local district but that isn’t the same and it will not be easy or very lucrative 😦  This uncertainty has me on edge.

2 Responses to “What should I do now?”

  1. Angela Says:

    Hi there. I hope you have found a job now. I did a google search on sock knitting machines in IN and got your blog. I am in search of a refurbished machine. Would you know of any vendors? There had been someone in Spencer, which is very close to me, but I cannot find a contact info for them. Thank you for any help you might be able to give.

    • mossrose Says:

      I am currently working as a sub so it is spotty at the moment. Hopefully something good comes down the road.

      My first recommendation would be to google the Erlbacher Gearhart company. I bought a new machine from them two years ago and they are very helpful. I also own a NZAK which is from New Zealand. This person is still also selling new machines and comes to the US yearly. There are several circular sock knitting machine boards on Yahoo that I follow. They have a lot of information. I am not sure where Spencer is so I am including a list of instructors, hopefully one might be near you.
      Good Luck!
      Elma L. DeVinney
      2515 County Highway 16
      Burlington, Flats, NY 13315

      Stephanie DeVoe
      Plum Cottage Crafts
      Frederick, MD
      CSM sales (occasionally); one-on-one classes; heel forks, old bobbin winders and bobbins for sale

      Legacy Farm
      Katy Abbas
      1945 Kenwood Ave, New Hampton, IA 50659
      CSM sales,tune-ups, repairs, parts, accessories
      Classes and supplies CSM, spinning, weaving, felting,
      Purebred Shetland Sheep fleeces-Majacraft Dealer

      Roxana Baechle
      Coleman, Michigan
      989-205-7476 and 989-465-1526.

      Eric Wolff
      Pinckney, MI USA
      fine knitted items of all sorts
      sock machine sales, maintenance & repairs

      Barbara Clorite-Ventura
      eastern MA

      Judy Scheuneman
      Specializes in new knitters/ribbers
      carries small parts for sale
      Wisconsin and Michigan areas

      Maureen Patterson
      Roseburg, Oregon

      Susan Forsyth
      +1 (604) 288-9811
      Located in Mission, British Columbia, Canada
      classes in all levels. Willing to travel
      new knitters welcome.
      CSM Repairs and maintenance.
      classes also in spinning, felting, dyeing.
      wide variety of small parts: – lifters, picks, crescents(wood and
      metal), heel hooks, long handled stitch catchers.

      Melanie Wilson
      Leicestershire UK
      Willing to help get people going on sock machines. Also Dyeing instruction.
      0116 2604442 or socks@dragonflight.co.uk

      Barbara Woodard
      I have 8 machines and have been “socking” for about 5 years, have taught many people how to
      Danville, Illinois 61832

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