Time passes

I sure have been lax on blogging this year. I think there has been so much to process that I couldn’t find any more energy.

On September 11, I got the call that my mother-in-law had passed away. She had been in the hospital the previous Monday through Friday when she was released to go back to the Pines. The next day, home health called me saying her eyes were glazed and she was unresponsive and they were wondering what to do. We decided she should be sent back to the hospital. They decided maybe she could have some morphine and then they shipped her back. Monday I got a call saying she was now eligible for hospice so Jim and I went in to set that up. We have some hard feelings about how long it took them to get her into hospice but that is another story.

Her funeral was Saturday in Osmond, NE. It was a beautiful day and people seemed to be having a good time remembering. By that night though, I felt like my exhaustion had caught up with me. We drove home the next day and are now trying to get our life back together again.

I have worked two days so far, subbing. I work part of the day Friday and then again on Monday. It hardly seems worth the effort.

Here are the pictures I promised of what I have been working on,


This painting is based on a picture the instructor had of a boat on Lake Michigan.

This next watercolor I can most relate to as I saw a lot of farmland with snow on it growing up in Wisconsin.

The pillow is a class I took this late summer. I learned a lot of different

techniques doing this. So you can see I did do some interesting this summer. I now need to get the energy to get going again.

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