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What should I do now?

August 12, 2012

School starts in three days. This is the first time in over 5 years that I didn’t have a position to go to. I was accepted to sub in the local district but that isn’t the same and it will not be easy or very lucrative 😦  This uncertainty has me on edge.


I could use my vacation now

August 7, 2011

All summer one thing of the other came along that stopped us from going any place. It was the weather, moving my mother-in-law to a place near us, her illness and need for help. I repeatedly sent in applications to different schools and the middle of last week, I got a call to report to the administration building in Topeka as there was a job for me at Chase Middle School. I had to go in Friday to do paperwork. I missed the new person orientation as they called me late. I really don’t know anything about the school except that we drove by it Saturday night to see where it might be.

I am thankful for all the people who prayed for me during this time. I feel anxious about this job though. It has come so suddenly. I don’t know how many students I will have, if I will have my own room or whether I will be team teaching somewhere. Then there is the paperwork which I imagine will be different and so I will have to learn that. I wish it was closer to home but it is closer than what the co-op had offered me.  I guess it is new person jitters.  I have to report starting Wednesday and the kids come next week. Where did the summer go?

Last day working for my employer

June 2, 2011

I just finished three days of classes for my employer. I enjoy the summer classes as I always learn new techniques. It had an awkward ending though. At two o’clock, there was a retirement party for my boss and the administrators from my school were all there. I wished him well and left as soon as I could.

When I got home, I had a message about calling for a job interview for a special ed job in Topeka. I was hoping it would be for the art educator job. I am nervous about going to the interview as the schools are so much bigger and I had to listen to one woman in my classes talking about hearing gun shots in the area around her school. This all just makes me tired. Being a new person, trying to make new friends, and trying to learn new procedures takes so long and the first year or two are always difficult.

My mother-in-law should be moved down here by the middle of next week. I know she and Jim are both anxious to having the moving part over with. I should get the key tomorrow and hopefully can get a few groceries in there for her.

I have been reading my new bead making  books. I am trying to do something related to art every day, even if it is just look at websites of glass or tools 🙂

It is over

May 23, 2011

I finished the paperwork. I emptied my desk. I mailed out reports and turned in my keys. Now let’s see what the future has to hold.

Is it over yet?

May 19, 2011

This was the last full day with kids. One girl got the others to sign one of her pieces of art work. She gave me an orange as I often gave them oranges when I have extra ones. She gave me a frame to go with picture she had given me when she was in the 6th grade. I almost started crying, it is so painful.

The nurse said I had to go back to the dermatologist as the allergic reaction I have been having for the last few week seems to be spreading. I was just there Monday but agreed to go in tomorrow afternoon. It still seems hard to believe one  could be allergic to the adhesive on a bandage.

I found out the job I had been offered in Onaga  had been given the elementary teacher who lives near there. She has been traveling from just west of there all year. She just had a baby so this will be a good move for her. Interestingly, I have until June 3rd to accept that job. I am happy for her as I still think that is too far to drive but somehow that doesn’t seem like a good way to treat me.

Still grieving about the job

April 30, 2011

How is it that a job that has been extremely stressful at times is causing such devastation? I was at an all day meeting Friday and spent half the day feeling like crying. I talked an employee from the school they are thinking of moving me to and it confirmed my feelings that it would not be the thing to do and still I feel this way. I spent the day before holding the hands of my student so his nurse could give him pain medication as he was screaming and crying in my ear. What a mess. I wish I knew what I was going to be doing this fall instead of all this uncertainty. I guess it feeds into my feeling I will end up as a bag lady somewhere 😦  Probably not but it seems that way now.

It would help if I hadn’t had to move away from places, people and jobs in the past because of moves brought on by my husband’s job. I read about people working for a place for 10, 20 0r 30 years and that just hasn’t been what I have been able to do. I just start feeling comfortable and that opportunity is gone.

I was thinking I would get a chance to go rug hooking today but felt too exhausted to go. Just as well, as mid-afternoon, I remembered it is next Saturday. Anyway, I spent the day in the chair watching old movies.

School is back in session

January 5, 2011

The kids came back today. I always have hopes that I will do something that will help them or inspire them. Probably not, but I would like to hope. I remember my band/choir teacher Mr. Crain, who gave me so much. I remember my elementary art teacher, Mrs. Richter. I remember wonderful projects we did and their patience.

My mother-in-law had a stent put in on Monday and was released on Tuesday. On Tuesday night, she was complaining about the same pain that sent her to the hospital in the first place. We called the hospital and they called back later. It was so stressful. She decided the pain was her ulcer so she didn’t go in. She has returned to smoking and drinking Mountain Dew. It is so painful to see her do this.

Still studying for the Praxis that is the 15th. It is slow going and I hope I remember this stuff.




Here we are in December

December 2, 2010

I think I will take a sick day tomorrow. I actually had a bad cold last week but still have some achiness in my back. I hope that is temporary.

My mother-in-law was in the hospital over Thanksgiving. She doesn’t care for herself as she should. She has lost weight since she was here earlier in the fall. She has got to convince herself to eat and drink water regularly. She says she is at 100 pounds now.

I have to finish my mat for the rughooking exchange on Saturday. The hooking is finished but I need to do the binding. That is my least favorite thing.

I had a gift certificate from the Embroidery Library so I ordered all kinds of fun patterns to embroider. Wouldn’t you know it was mostly Christmas 🙂  Now I need to get back to it.

My assistant co-op director came in and did an evaluation on me on Tuesday. My advisor for the class at Washburn came in to do another evaluation. I had spent so many hours assembling the required notebooks. She wrote on some of it with some changes for me to make. I will do that and drop it off next week. I had hoped it was over though. It has been a huge weight on me. I hope it doesn’t take long to fix. My student is doing well after his surery. Thank you God as he was so in need of it but had been ill. He has been in over a week but is making progress.

Things are going ok so far this week

October 26, 2010

It is already Tuesday night and no major problems so far. Tomorrow night is parent-teacher conferences until 8. Thursday it goes from 8-6:30. So far, no one has signed up to come talk to me. I have talked to many of the parents during meetings so probably I won’t hear from them. It would be nice to see them though. It will make for two long days.

My students had to decorate our door for Red Ribbon week. I think it turned out pretty good. They also had a pumpkin they were suppose to decorate for a competition but it ended up being done mainly by one student.  He decided to carve the Ford logo on it.

I am so far behind in my practicum homework. I come home so tired it is hard to work on. Maybe the next two nights will give me some time to work on it. I will be so relieved to be finished. To have nights without having to do school work will be a relief. Maybe then I can do some rug hooking or work on my new loom.

Afternoon nap

September 29, 2010

I am not one for a 20 minute power nap. I either am awake or it is a couple hour nap. Today was a nap day. It wasn’t an especially stressful day today though. I suppose it is just making up for other days.

They say it was in the lower 80s today. I missed most of that. My classroom has no windows. Some designers should have to work in the spaces they create. I can’t grow plants. I can’t open the window to cool the room down.  My first classroom had a huge east window with mini blinds. Heat just poured in that room. That school had no air conditioning and a 10 pound block of wax literally bent in the heat one summer.

This weekend, I have a quilt block class on how to do applique. Except for the part where I have to haul my heavy machine in, it should be fun.

I was so happy to get a card saying rug hooking was starting again. My part of the alphabet is supposed to bring in the food. I hope I remember.