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June 15, 2009

My instructor did a lot of this piece as he wanted to make sure it kept its proportions. I still need to get the arms and glue them on so I can finish carving the head. He carved a piece and then sent it away so blanks could be carved so it was a manageable piece for a class. This also what was done with the bison.


Jim's bison

Jim's Bison. He needs to add some texture, use a wood burner on it and then paint it.

Cardinal and Goldfinch

I started a cardinal and a goldfinch. I particularly like cardinals as many lived around our house in Burlington, Iowa. The blanks for these were cut on a bandsaw. I had to round them off and I am farthest on the cardinal. Our little cat Shasta always steals the plush birds I have, especially cardinals so we wonder if she will try steal these.

Home Again

June 15, 2009

It was a new experience for us this last week. We decided to join the Kaw Valley Wood Carvers this last November as I fell in love with all the chip carved ornaments they had made for the tree they donated for the Festival of Trees. We went a few times and made some little bears and owls. We missed one of their monthly meetings and low and behold, we won a partial scholarship to their weaving seminar at Baker University in Baldwin City. We went there Thursday afternoon and it ended around 11 today. It was informative, interesting, tiring, and stressful trying to learn all the new techniques. I swore I would come again and also that it was too hard to go again. I think mostly, I need to rest up after this so I can process all we did.

I hope to have some pictures of our unfinished projects up in a day or so.