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June 15, 2009

My instructor did a lot of this piece as he wanted to make sure it kept its proportions. I still need to get the arms and glue them on so I can finish carving the head. He carved a piece and then sent it away so blanks could be carved so it was a manageable piece for a class. This also what was done with the bison.


Jim's bison

Jim's Bison. He needs to add some texture, use a wood burner on it and then paint it.

Cardinal and Goldfinch

I started a cardinal and a goldfinch. I particularly like cardinals as many lived around our house in Burlington, Iowa. The blanks for these were cut on a bandsaw. I had to round them off and I am farthest on the cardinal. Our little cat Shasta always steals the plush birds I have, especially cardinals so we wonder if she will try steal these.

When you can’t go to the Iowa Wool and Sheep Festival, you go to…..

June 15, 2008

It’s Father’s Day weekend so we went to the antique car and motorcycle show in Baldwin City.       







Here Jim is talking to a guy about his B.S.A. motorcycle.     

                 Jim has one too.                                             

               It was a hot day. Heather and I tried to entertain ourselves so he had time to look. He ran into his friend Terry and his wife Sue. They have an Avanti.    Terry also works at the railroad.








Jim likes Indian motorcycles. Here is one we saw down there.

This is what was what was on Heather’s and my mind though.






Heather and I walk around town. It is home to Baker University. We ate at Wheat State Pizza which Heather loves. We also went to the quilt store.








We left Baldwin City and headed for Lawrence where we stopped at several of my favorite places. I will  try to put those pictures on tomorrow.