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The days after Christmas

December 27, 2008

Christmas is always a time of mixed emotions. There is the glorious celebration of the birth of Jesus. We spent Christmas eve at church singing songs of praise. The best part is when the lights are lowered and we sing Silent Night to just the glow of individual candlelight. 

Christmas day was different this year. Our daughter was visiting the new fiance’s family so they didn’t get here until late afternoon. There was just a light supper as they had been feasting all day. We did manage to have the traditional fruit salad, cranberry relish and cranberry bread but I served it with soup instead. 

The whole experience was somber as our cat Summer had taken a turn for the worse and we had to keep checking on him. When we did see him, he was wobbly and only searching for water. He had been diagnosed sometime back with kidney failure but just the week before had been running through the house, chasing Shasta so this sudden downturn took us by surprise. Yesterday he went to the vet and didn’t com back home.  He was over 17 years old. He was a strong cat. When he was on his leash, he could pull a concrete block around if he wanted to go somewhere. He was a clever cat. He knew how to open the door to the bedroom and the sliding screen door if he felt so inspired. He, being a Siamese, was a talker. Unfortunately, he most often wanted to talk  around 3:30-4 in the morning. He will be missed in our house.

It was in the  60s yesterday. I finally got some tulip bulbs I had boughten planted. By last night the weather radio was going off as we were under a tornado watch. That didn’t happen but we did get the rain/thunderstorm which eventually froze. Jim thinks we got about a quarter of an inch of ice from it. It was sunny when I got up but now it is overcast.