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As promised, more pictures

June 15, 2008









These are some of the quilt’s on the wall at Sarah’s in Lawrence. I love going through the tall doors to see what they have.








Right across the street are two other places on Massachusetts Street I like to go.


Stitch on Needlework      

 In the back of this store, they also have quilt fabric. They have needlwork supplies in the middle of the store. In the front of the store they have Christmas collectibles like Christopher Radko ornaments, Snow Babies and villages. They also have quilted tote bags and wonderful seasonal items. 

 I then went to the Yarn Barn to get some carpet warp and to check out the latest knitting projects.












 I wouldn’t mind having this at my house 🙂






Then I was back to Topeka for a trip to the library and Saturday night church.


This library is one of the best assets in Topeka. I came  home with 10 books.

Here it is Wednesday already.

June 4, 2008

Another warm, humid day here. It is around 84 and windy. Tomorrow they say there could  be some bad storms……………..

I found some more pictures I took of roving I dyed at Yarn School. I did a bit of spinning last night but had to put in the time studying for my Psychology of Women class so I didn’t get a lot done. The upper left piece is the weaving I was doing last weekend.