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It is Saturday so I was off rug hooking.

June 8, 2008

It was grey and windy today. I planned on staying home and cleaning but was overruled so I went into town for rug hooking. A photographer and writer for Topeka magazine came in and took pictures of all the rugs and hookers.The story is supposed to be in the Fall issue. I think I managed to stay out of the pictures. That was a good thing as I was sitting in front of the fan and I am sure my hair was probably standing up on end. Still, I enjoyed sitting in front of the fan as it was warm.

Check out     This is where I go and I get a lot of my patterns from this place. I have the following rugs going right now: Pilgrims, Pumpkin Patch, Blake’s Snowman (finished),Valentine’s Day (gave it to a friend), Gailias Silent Night,Mary’s Sheep, Spring, Happy Cat (made for Heather), Mary Deer, Flint Hills Sheep (the first one I did), Sheep and Flower Cart, Deb’s Moose (made it for my brother and sister-in-law),Bird and Flower,Pumpkin and Crow, Cat and Pumpkin,Running Rabbit with Flowers),Santa and Sleigh, Pointsettia Stocking,Santa Stocking,Tree Stocking, and Wool. Most are done except for the binding. That should be one of my jobs for this summer, I guess.

Tonight I am taking a test for my  online psychology class. The test is timed which is stressful. The class is interesting though. I have until the end of the month to get it finished.